Service On Board Rivus Wine Boat

At the level of excellence without forgetting the origins or the cradle

A father and son crew provide a quality service with the guarantee of an educated experience. With specific training in the field of tourism, we know how to receive and serve our customers with professionalism and friendship.

Our attention to detail will always be taken care of, so will be the small or tiny details on our way.
Besides the Portuguese, we can converse in English, French or Spanish with no further difficulty.

Any wine presentation will be matched by the technical and organoleptic explanation.
All food products are of regional origin, be they processed or not, they will be served in accordance with the guarantees of our certified suppliers.

The wines and estates (Quintas) we work with give us great confidence in terms of quality. Having the best raw material and a service that accompanies that quality, we can say “Come and meet us!”.