The hand on the wheel and the heart at the helm

It’s fundamental to trust the crew on board.
At Rivus this is easy as the father is at the helm while his son presents the wines to the customers or, the son takes the helm and the father tells the stories.
António (father) was born in Oporto and soon got to know the Douro Valley through his grandfather’s farm, where he would spend the summer, participate in the harvest and come regularly just to breath the fresh air.

Always connected to boats and technologies, he came to live in the region with his wife and three children. He developed many works related to wine and wine making until 2010, when he became a skipper and tour guide at a Douro based boating company. Other projects came along always related to boats, the Douro and of coarse, the wines.
In 2018 he created the “Rivus” project along with some investment partners and his friends Anabela and Rui Batista (Mother and son from Pinhão that are still partners today).
In 2021 António (son) takes his sailor course that he acumulates with his degree at Escola de Turismo de Lamego (specializing in restaurante and bar service), also he goes for the Sommelier WSET level 2 international wine course.

António (son), besides his training was also a high competition athlete in the Decathlon and heptathlon. We can trust his multipurpose attitude.
Returning to the confidence in the crew, we just have to inform you that we try to exceed all safety regulations as we try to exceed all customer expectations during your experience.
Father and son on a classic vessel for a simple or more complex programme, it’s however you wish. We have all the flexibility to make your experience truely unforgettable.
Any doubt on board, just call out for one of the Antónios.